Frequently Asked Question

What is an organic product?

Organic means that any artificial or synthetic element, such as pesticides or fertilizers, is used for growing local products, which is why we love Organics and work with products formed, from their origin, naturally and in harmony with the environment.

Why is it important organic agriculture?

For us the importance of organic agriculture is precisely the respect and balance between agricultural production and the environment, focused on sustainable productivity, which is achieved based on the conservation and recovery of natural resources, using them efficiently and respectful.

What are the biological corridors?

The foundation of life! They are natural routes that are designed to facilitate the flow of species. Here they are in their natural state, wasps, ladybugs, chickens, geese and sheep, among others. And they are the key to natural predators and parasitoids can live in harmony with the environment.

Why AMA products are organic?

We are concerned about future generations. Because of that we want to leave the land equal or better than how we found it, being respectful and friendly with the environment. In AMA we work to bring you the purest of the earth, because we love organics and we love the nature.

What are the benefits of organic farming?

Many! Here we can develop a harmonious farming with the environment. Use irrigation water that is returned into rivers or groundwater as clean as it was received. Orchard workers have better working conditions in organic farming. We preserve soil fertility and decreased erosion. And besides, we guarantee a production process that is controlled by certificated entities and by the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG).

What type of fertilizer is used in an organic field?

Everything around us is natural, therefore, our fertilizers as well. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, only those who come from the same biodiversity of our fields. Thus, the land keeps its natural ecosystem.

What is the natural state of fruit?

As simple as the fresh fruit from the tree! We try to maintain as natural as possible the state of fruit before we elaborate our juices and purees.

Are all AMA fruits organic?

Of course! All products are manufactured and packaged in Chile organically. Sometimes, our country does not meet the conditions for the growth of other fruits, so we import organic fruit purees certified from other countries such as Peru and Ecuador.

Is it possible to know the fields where AMA organic fruits grow?

Of course! We want everyone to know the fields where AMA fruit comes to life. So, we hope to invite soon those who love organics and want to share with our workers, animals, bugs and more! They will be welcome you. Meanwhile, you can meet them here

Can I recycle your juice bottles?

It's the idea! Try to remove the plastic that covered it and wash it very well so that there is no residue inside. This way, you are taking care of the planet and also you will prevent recycling containers have odors.

Are fruit purees packages recyclable?

The taps of our fruit purees, besides being beautiful, they are completely recyclable. However, there is no optimal recycling process for the packaging containers yet.

Do your juices need special cooling before you can drink them?

As our products are designed so that you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime, there is no need to do any kind of refrigeration. However, it is always recommended to consume them very cold to enjoy the 100% fruit.

Can I freeze fruit purees to last longer?

Our products are vacuum sealed and have an expiration of one year so it is not necessary to freeze them, but if you do it, the product will not be affected and you will only have to wait to thaw naturally. Once opened, the product loses its hermeticism and should be consumed within 24 hours.

Can a vegan person consume your products?

Yes! Our juices and purees come from 100% organic fruit and do not contain any animal products, or added sugar, or preservatives, or colorings, or flavorings, or pesticides. Ideal for your vegan friends!

Why do you add vitamin C to your products?

In addition to contributing to the proper functioning of our immune system, vitamin C help the fruit not to oxidize, in the same way we add lemon juice to the avocado so it does not turn black.

From what age can a child eat the fruit pure?

Fruit purees are a perfect and healthy complement for all ages. Our recommendation is that children consume it with their supplementary diet.